Be the Difference Conference

Feb 9, 2021  |  2:30 p.m. ET

Have Some Animal Magnetism

Wonder if you’ve made a difference? Does it have to be the difference in someone else’s life? An animals’ life? Your Life? All of the above. Thank about this. You see an emaciated dog on the side of the road. He looks horrible, mangy, losing hair, skinny and dirty. It’s raining outside. It’s nighttime. Do you drive by or stop to help him. You stop, take him home. Bath him, feed him and wrap him up in a blanket. 6 weeks later you hardly recognize the dog. Full fur, proper weight, happy disposition. However, you know you can’t keep him. You travel for a living. You put an ad in the paper and 2 days later you watch a man and his 5 year old daughter walk away with the dog. Have you made a difference? Yes. Animal Magnetism can mean several things but in this instance, it means, bringing out the inner animal in you. The animal that cares for others, that protects others and that which you know is right, that which you know is good.